The ultimate live chat solution for Streamers

Connect with your audience like never before with StreamChat

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Take control of your chat

Built for streamers

Take the pain out of juggling multiple chats, combine them into one view without missing out on features with StreamChat.

Combined Chat View
Join all your chats into one view to easily monitor all platforms at once
Keep the emotes coming with support for platform specific emotes
Chat Badges
You'll still see platform chat badges such as subscriber tiers, moderators and more.
Broadcast Messages
Send a message to all of your chats at once, or pick just one
Your Platform
Support for more platforms is ever increasing, let us know what you would like to see!
Mobile Friendly
Don't have or want a second display for your chat? Use StreamChat from your phone.
Chat Overlay
Add your combined chats to your stream overlay effortlessly
Moderation Planned
Keep your chats under control with moderation actions across platforms